PSI Tuning started in 2001 as a department of Interchange Technologies Inc. Initially PSI, or Power Systems International was primarily involved in research and development for automotive electronics. The parent company, Interchange Technologies spent many years designing and building software and taking pride in writing small, efficient and flexible solutions. It became apparent early on that automotive electronics would be the future in performance. The programming skills from Interchange were extremely valuable when it came to implementing embedded designs such as automotive control units.

Today PSI Tuning Inc has become a separate corporate entity. Initially PSI Tuning was involved primarily in the electronics of automotive control but as with many systems there are many components expected to work together. As a result the entity was split into several roles to provide clients with a complete service facility.

With years of software experience and a passion for automotive technology, the electronics division handles a variety of tasks from modifying existing engine control hardware to producing and installing custom solutions. The electronics are selected, installed and tuned in-house so you can be assured the highest level of quality and expertise from the initial evaluation through to the final delivery.

Many custom powerplants require fabrication and development in order to meet fitment and performance requirements. Whether it's designing and producing new engine mounts and intercoolers or modifying cylinder heads for increased performance we have the tools and expertise to complete all the tasks under one roof. Our fabrication division is equipped with a wide variety of tools, from milling machines to shears, rolls and brakes to MIG, TIG and plasma cutters.

Finally, modified vehicles require the proper expertise and experience for maintenance. Most general garages are interested in unbolting and replacing worn or broken parts with new ones. Their labour books do not cover special tasks such as removing a wastegate in order to replace a radiator. As a result, few are interested in or have the necessary expertise for working on heavily modified cars.

Having constructed engines, intake and exhaust manifolds, intercoolers, charge pipes, ECUs as well as wiring cars from scratch or modifying existing wiring, Our mechanical division is not only familiar with but well qualified to work on a wide variety of modified vehicles.

Not only do we have a wide variety of talents from fabrication of performance parts, electronics design and engine tuning, but we also own and drive a number of high performance cars on a daily basis. Engine management, tuning and raw horsepower are nothing new to us!